We are an artistic and curatorial duo collective, Emily Demetriou (Nicosia, Cyprus) and Naz Balkaya (Istanbul, Turkey), currently based in London. Both experiencing the embodiment of migration and exchanging ideas consistently was what evoked the beginning of our collaboration. Our respective societies claim that we should be enemies, so we have employed the model of friendship to counter such national barriers, as well as a way of testing the limits of collaborative practice.

Collaboration is our greatest treasure and we use it as an internalised policy and a tool to sustain the meaning and legacy of our harmony. Panictattack is not only a visual tool that expresses artistic codes, but it is also a living space where weight and oppression turn into miracles.

As Panicattack Duo, we mostly work with performance art but we also engage with media such as installation, sound, video and photography. We represent the notion of Panic Attack as a contemporary artistic illness which sickens the young and fresh, confining us into invisible sites. For this reason, we have developed a curatorial practice; where we re-interpret this notion as a positive resistance by curating the series of performance exhibitions Razzmatazz since 2015, engaging with emerging and marginalised artists from around the world.