Razzmatazz Vol.1
Razzmatazz Vol.1
Razzmatazz Vol.1

Curated by Panicattack Duo and Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith

At Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, LONDON

24th of October, 2015


JeongEUN Park (KOR) // Panicattack (TUR-CYP) // Grant Bingham and Liz Ord (UK) // Anniken Weber (NOR) // Lizzie Masterton (UK) // Imo Jeffes (UK) // Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn (THAI) // Sadegh Ad (IR) // Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith (GER) 

An exploding Public Event of Performance Art Non-stop Live Actions.

☾RAZZMATAZZ is a platform for artists coming from varied backgrounds and disciplines to perform live action relating to their own practice. It is a sequence of exhibitions/ happenings which take place in different locations twice a year, during October and March. Each sequel has its own subject matter, questions and manifestations, where through open call or invitation a collective of artists is created that reflect on the matter. The series was created in October 2015 by established German artist Dagmar I. Glausnitzer- Smith and emerging duo collective Panicattack, because of the urge to experiment and the lack of performance art platforms for young, up and coming artists.